Science teacher feedback tool

Science teaching is hard, but it’s wonderful! I have tried to provide solutions to some common problems science teachers face when they are starting out but let’s face it – we all struggle with these issues sometimes. Search for your symptom below for possible next steps to try in the classroom. If you are having specific problems that you want answered – please post your question on the science teacher’s forum and I will try and help.

Difficulties with practical work

  1. Students don’t know why we are doing the practical but I’ve explained it so many times!
  2. Why do students mess around when they are doing practical work? 
  3. How should I manage behaviour during practical work?
  4. Students mess around when they finish the practical work
  5. Students don’t know how to collect their equipment
  6. What do I do if a practical lesson is a disaster?

Difficulties with science demonstrations

  1. Students are messing around during the demonstration.
  2. Students can’t see during the science demonstration

Difficulties in the science lesson

  1. The pace of my lesson is just so slow!
  2. Students won’t work independently
  3. Students are bored and I don’t know why
  4. The subject is just too hard for my students
  5. So much knowledge to cram into every lesson

Difficulties with science homework

  1. What homework should I set?
  2. Students are not completing their homework  – why not?!
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