Group 1 alkali metals teaching resources

Worksheets and lesson ideas to challenge students aged 11 to 16 to think hard about the chemical and physical properties of group 1 alkali metals (GCSE and Key Stage 3)

Group 1 alkali metal demonstrations are hard to do well but are hugely engaging and provide an excellent hook to begin thinking about reactivity and physical properties. It’s important you practice the teacher talk and using the apparatus before you demonstrate to the class. A clear method to follow is available from the RSC

Group 1 alkali metals

GCSE/Key Stage 3 worksheet on properties of alkali metals. Students write a creative story about a grandma who purchases a saucepan made from potassium from the market. This activity encourages students to relate chemical and physical properties of group 1 elements to their potential use. To avoid misconceptions being introduced, it is worth spending time at the end discussing why in reality, saucepans are not made from potassium. (PDF)

  1. Reactivity or physical change
  2. Reactivity of metals
  3. Group 1 metals
  4. Extraction of metals
  5. Redox reactions
  6. Halogens
  7. Tests for ions 

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