Biological molecules teaching resources

Water is an incredible molecule. Watch the video below to see how strong intermolecular forces allow water to perform some unusual tricks! How would life on Earth be different if organisms used ethanol as the universal solvent? Would transpiration still occur? 

Properties of water

A Level practical on the properties of water. Students take for granted many properties of water, such as its transparency and its liquid state at room temperature. This practical asks students to think about the biological significance of these properties and explain them using an understanding of hydrogen bonding. (PDF)

Properties of water thinking task. Students work through a series of  practical demonstrations that reveal some unusual properties of water. As students complete each demo they have to write accurate observations and think about what questions they now have. Finally we begin to explain the observations. (PDF)

Protein synthesis

A Level protein synthesis worksheet. This activity uses an analogy to get students to compare city parts to cell organelles. They consider the processes of transcription, translation and protein modification. (PDF)

A fantastic resource to investigate the amazing world of protein structure.

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