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the science teacher

I was first hooked on science by an inspirational biology teacher at school. Since then I have loved exploring and getting to grips with scientific ideas and enjoy sharing this passion with students and teachers in the classroom.

All students can succeed in science and enjoy it. Over the past few years I have become increasingly convinced that what inspires and motivates students is their intrinsic desire to understand the World and be challenged to think and make meaning. This requires great science teachers with an excellent subject knowledge and understanding of pedagogy.

the science teacher website provides free access to teaching resources that have been designed to help students develop meaning in science. My approach is to create challenging resources to make thinking visible and diagnose misconceptions so that responsive teaching can take place. Activities are easy to find and easy to implement in the classroom. There are also pages to support great pedagogy. If you would like to share you own science teaching resource please get in touch.

Great science lessons are delivered by great science teachers who love their subject, and are committed to getting their students to understand the same big ideas that they first fell in love with.

I hope these resources and ideas are useful, go forth and challenge!


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Education in Chemistry – Published  by the Royal Society of Chemistry, June 2016