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I was first hooked on science by an inspirational biology teacher at school. Since then I have loved exploring and getting to grips with scientific ideas and enjoy sharing this passion with students and teachers.

the science teacher provides free access to teaching resources that have been developed to help students develop meaning in science. My approach is to create challenging activities that require students to think hard about the ‘right things’ so they can develop a deep conceptual understanding of the big ideas of science. Challenge motivates students, allowing them to feel a sense of competence when they succeed, but it is also a powerful way to find out what students don’t understand and so guides next steps in the classroom. Challenge can also inhibit learning so tread carefully – ideas from cognitive science can be useful here in knowing when and when not to challenge.

Activities on the science teacher can be found here. There are also pages to support pedagogy, curriculum and assessment. If you would like to share your own science teaching resource please get in touch, and please, if you find errors do let me know!

I hope these resources and ideas are useful and if you’ve enjoyed this website, you may want to read my book ‘The Powerful Ideas of Science and How to Teach Them‘.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas and activities over the years – go forth and challenge!


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Education in Chemistry – Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, June 2016 

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