Working scientifically teaching resources

Worksheets and lesson ideas to challenge students to think hard about working scientifically: is it valid, reliable and accurate? (GCSE and Key Stage 3)

teaching skills in scienceThe resources below will support the teaching of working scientifically skills. Resources are appropriate for Key Stage 3 and GCSE students (ages 11 to 16).

For students to work as scientists they have to understand a number of complex concepts, such as variables, relationships and causation. It is best to focus on teaching discrete skills and not to overload students with excessive conceptual and procedural demands. Whilst you may not always want student to ‘do science’ it can be a very motivating part of learning science at school.

Check out this excellent glossary of the Language of scientific measurements and investigations to help clarify meanings of key terms used in school science investigations – consistency between classrooms and throughout years is key to supporting students’ progression.

Further reading:
  • The Language of Measurement: Terminology used in school science investigations. Association for Science Education (ASE), 2010.ISBN 978 0 86357 424 5
  1. Accuracy and precision
  2. Writing a scientific method
  3. Variables in science
  4. Reproducible and repeatable measurements