Scientific methods teaching resources

Worksheets and ideas to get students thinking about the scientific method and how to write up a scientific investigation (Key Stage 3 and GCSE).

What's your hypothesis for what's inside the tin?

Please forgive the URL of this page – there is no scientific method, but rather a collection of diverse methods that scientists use to inquire about the world.

What is science?

What is science? A practical demonstration that asks students: What is science? This simple but powerful demonstration asks students to generate and test their own hypotheses in a similar way to research scientists. (PDF)

Writing up a scientific investigation: the Practical Planner!

Template for writing up a scientific investigation. This fantastic resource by Tom Kitwood provides a template and scaffold for students to use when planning and carrying out any scientific investigation. It is best to enlarge this document to fill an A3 page. (PDF)

Writing a scientific method

Worksheet to help students write a scientific method. Students write a method. Their partner carries out the experiment and provides feedback. The method is then re-written and improved. This resource was co-designed with Catherine O’Riordan. (PDF)

  1. Accuracy and precision
  2. Writing a scientific method
  3. Variables in science
  4. Reproducible and repeatable measurements