Amounts of substance teaching resources

Worksheets and lesson ideas to challenge students to think about mole calculations, titrations and equations (GCSE and Key Stage 3)

What does a mole look like?

Students must master the mole and other quantitative aspects if they are to excel in chemistry and fall in love with this fascinating subject. The quantitative nature of chemistry can be scary for many students and teachers, but initial challenges can be overcome if concepts are introduced in a concrete way. Don’t just start with balancing equations, determining empirical formulas and working out moles – do it in the context of an exciting demonstration!  

Show students what a mol dm-3 solution of NaCl actually is. Make it up in front of their eyes and all will become clear. Relate the quantities to the units: 1 mol dm-3 is simply means 1 mole in 1 litre. Now it makes sense! Never use triangles – these are hazards to learning and will only create problems in the future. If students can’t rearrange equations, teach them how to do it!   

  1. Balancing chemical equations
  2. Understanding the mole
  3. Understanding titrations