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Please post any feedback or suggestions you have on the teaching resources here. It would be great to hear from those of you who have tried using some of the resources in your lessons. Feedback – good and bad – is welcome. Go forth and challenge! Click here to sign up to our free newsletter for science teachers.

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  1. Philip Seifi says:

    When I was in high school, I found our classroom periodic table illegible, and designed a new, beautiful poster as a gift for my favourite science teacher.

    I’ve since created a few additional posters (Lewis dot diagrams, pH indicators…), and finally got around to launching a mini-store so other teachers can get them for their labs.

    You can find them at — I’d love to hear your feedback & ideas for more useful products!

  2. Miranda Amey says:

    Hello, I know teachers are always looking for new educational resources and in the last 5 years a lot more teachers have been utilising YouTube as a resource. I’m messaging with a friendly resource recommendation. I have found an excellent new YouTube channel, called Fact or Film. It looks at the scientific accuracy of films by breaking down complex terms and theories into an engaging and easy to understand format. Here is the link:

  3. Roz says:


    I’m emailing from the Sensory Ecology & Evolution team at the University of Exeter. I saw that you list educational resources and I was wondering if you would consider listing our citizen science games here too?

    They can be great additions to classrooms and to help people engage with understanding how evolution and camouflage works. The evolving egg game is a particularly interesting one for this!

  4. Felicity McInnes says:

    I’m working for a research company on behalf of The Wellcome Trust and we’re looking for Science Teachers in state Secondary schools to help us with an exciting project. We’re evaluating a unique educational programme known as ‘The Crunch’, an initiative about the links between food, our health and the environment. As part of The Crunch your school should have received a free science kit. We’d like you to help by using these resources and teaching one lesson to your pupils (which we would like to come and observe). Once you’ve taught the lesson we’d like to contact you and get a sense of how well it was received by the students, how easy it was to communicate etc.

    As a thank you for your time and efforts we will be donating £200 to your schools science department.

    Ideally we would like to arrange and finish the project before the end of this summer term.

    Your school should be located in any of the following regions

    North, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

    Please be assured that no attempt will be made to sell you anything neither during the session nor as a result of your participation.

    If this is something you’d like to help us with or if you’d like further information about the details of the research then please contact Felicity on the number below.

    Thank you!

    Felicity McInnes
    Project Manager

    Forensic Fieldwork Ltd
    The Devil’s in the Detail

    +44 20 3743 2661 ext 307
    (Main office +44 20 3743 2627)

  5. Great resources Jasper, thank you

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