Science education consultancy


Behind every great school and science department there are passionate teachers and leaders who are all committed to getting better at what they do.

This is where the science teacher can help. We can provide a range of training and coaching opportunities to help teachers and leaders reach their potential through:

  • teacher training on specific aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, subject knoweldge or assessment
  • 1-1 leadership coaching
  • lesson observations and feedback, including real-time coaching
  • curriculum design and implementation
  • assessment design, including both formative and summative types
  • establishing successful co-planning practices
  • departmental reviews, in collaboration with teachers and leaders, to identify strengths and areas to develop  – these are not mock Ofsteds but can be useful to identify specific aspects to focus on

If you would like further information on how the science teacher can support your school or organisation as a science consultant please contact Jasper using the form below.

Details of science projects led by Jasper include:

  • leading a large science department in the top 1% of progress nationally
  • implementation of a common assessment framework across 19 secondary schools
  • subject tutor for secondary science teacher training programme
  • examiner
  • curriculum design – creation of a fully resourced science curriculum built around big ideas of science with a codified implementation model
  • leading science across a large multi academy trust
  • school improvement
  • working as a subject tutor on GCSE and A Level revision courses
  • co-founder of a GCSE and A Level revision school in York

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